Not-So-New Puppy Behavior Workshop

In this 4-week online workshop, Debbie helps dog owners learn, discuss, and troubleshoot behaviors common to puppies between 5-18 months old. Some of the behaviors discussed will include barking, jumping, leash walking, impulse control, general manners, and more.

What makes this workshop unique is there are no pre-planned topics.  The group decides what they wanted to learn about and discuss each class. Then you take what you learned and work with your pups during the week. 

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In Summary


We will be focusing on behaviors common to puppies between the ages of 5-18 months old.  There will NOT be an emphasis on potty training, crate training, or preparing for a puppy.  This workshop is also not designed to address serious behaviors including but not limited to aggression and fearfulness.


We will be meeting using Zoom. You will receive an email with a link to join the day before each session. Sessions will also be recorded and available if you miss a week or want to re-watch. Turning your video on during the sessions is encouraged but optional. 


Each workshop will take place on the same day and time each week for 4 weeks.  Each session will be 60 minutes long.  Do to limited space you can only sign up for one workshop, you cannot switch between workshops.


Your Special Offer

This is the FIRST time I will be offering this kind of class.  To thank you for being here with me and to kick it off, I want to extend you a special offer!

Normally for this type of virtual group class with me would cost $127. This one time only, I'll be offering this workshop for $37! 

This price is only available to those who joined my waitlist (that's you!) and will be available until Sunday, June 14, 2020. If there are spots still I will open up the offer to those outside the waitlist at a higher price.

What Makes This Virtual Workshop Unique?


The Not-So-New-Puppy Behavior Workshop is a series of informal and open question and answer sessions.  This allows you, the student to choose the topics and ask the questions that are most important to you.  

Since the workshop is exclusively for puppies between 5-18 months old, most of the behaviors discussed will benefit everyone.  Past students have said one of the best parts of the workshop is learning that they are not alone!

We don’t work with the dogs directly during the class instead you get one-on-one personalized advice from me (Debbie) while also listening in and learning from others. 

Think of it as mini sessions with me where we discuss and troubleshoot your pup's behavior.  Anyone else with similar questions can chime in and get personalized advice for themselves.  I will then give you exercises to practice between classes based on what we talked about.

Common topics are barking, jumping, leash walking, chewing, counter surfing, recall, socialization, leash reactivity, and many more!

You are also encouraged to send videos of the skills practiced to me to get feedback personalized feedback.

What students are saying!

April and Lola

Debbie was so helpful with all of her recommendations. She really took the time to understand what my specific issues were with Lola and gave age appropriate advice. I would highly encourage anyone that has a puppy attend this workshop!

Abby and Remi

Debbie does a great job of making this workshop interactive and enjoyable! It was fun to meet other “not so new” puppy owners and learn from (and laugh) with them too! This was a good way to get the trainer experience for such an affordable price. Remi especially liked that I learned to give more “high value” treats from time to time.. ;) We’d recommend any of Debbie’s future workshops!

Allison and Olive

We found this class very helpful in troubleshooting a few issues we were having with our puppy. We've already seen great improvements in her behavior after following Debbie's advice!

Letty and Tucker

This class was great, to be able to both ask personalized questions about difficulties you’re having with your pup and learn from the questions that others ask. Debbie is so helpful, would definitely recommend!!

Penny and Molly

I really enjoyed this workshop. Debbie took the time to address my personal needs and problem areas in regards to my dog Molly. She taught me the techniques to use and they were so simple! Thanks Debbie!!

Celine and Chai

Thanks to this workshop, I got to speak to Debbie directly about Chai's specific problems on those little things that every dog owner deals with at a certain point. She gave me good advice that I now use every time I can! Chai is still a work in progress (and always will be!), but I can see some improvement in the topics we talked about!

Nathan and Audrey

This course was fantastic, Debbie does a great job of leading dog owners through their challenges unique to their dog. You can ask any question without feeling it might sound silly, and get really practical solutions.

What's Included:

  • 4 weekly 60 minute live sessions (via Zoom) to get all your Q's answered.
  • Small class sizes (limit 10) for more personalized attention. 
  • Recordings of each session to rewatch at your convenience.
  • Email support between classes.
  • BONUS training: Debbie’s 3 Games to a Stronger Recall.  
  • A surprise bonus training or two.

Not-So-New-Puppy Workshop


That's less than one private session with me!

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This is for dog parents:

  • With puppies between the ages of 5-18 months.
  • That have some burning questions about specific behaviors.
  • That want to learn more about their dog’s behavior.
  • Looking for a supportive environment to ask their questions (and know they're not alone!).
  • That know the value of not only getting your Q’s personally answered but listening, learning, and connecting with others as well.

This is NOT for dog parents:

  • With puppies younger than 5 months old.
  • Looking for a structured class to learn specific skills dictated by the instructor.
  • Looking to work with their dog directly during the class.
  • That just want to get their questions answered and don’t have time for much else (a private session could be a good option for you!).


You're in! What now?

  1. Select your time zone (this will automatically change the class times to your time zone).
  2. Pick the class time that is best for you and register.  You will be automatically registered for all four weekly sessions.
  3. Check your inbox for confirmation (check your SPAM!).  You will also receive a reminder email with the Zoom link the day before each class.
  4. Put the times on your calendar so you don't miss a thing.
  5. Prep a Kong for your pup and your questions for me!
  6. Sign on the day of the class and get ready for some learning and fun conversation!

Spots are limited to 10 per workshop! Refunds are available until the first class.

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New classes will be added for Spring 2021

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Nicole and Brady

This workshop was well worth the money. We really enjoyed meeting the other people in the class and looked forward to asking questions and learning each week. It was very helpful to be able to ask questions based on what your puppy was struggling with instead of having to follow a predetermined syllabus. Debbie was just as great as she is on her podcast, always breaking down situations into small steps that were easy to understand and incorporate into our training. Debbie also spent some time talking about socialization during Covid-19 restrictions which was very helpful. I would highly recommend this class!

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